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When the need arises and for large projects, our firm usually enters alliances with other attorneys, local or foreign. We have links with legal firms in England and the USA. We have worked on projects with international organisations, foreign law firms and consultants. In the English-speaking Caribbean we have close and long-standing relationships with leading law firms in Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua, Anguilla, St. Lucia, Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas which enable us to provide a seamless service.

DAVID C. PARCHMENT  Based in Rome, Italy, David consults exclusively with the Attorneys-at-Law of Mair and Company in Trinidad and Tobago on Construction Law. He has wide experience in commercial conveyancing, banking and financial documentation, in the documentation for commercial property developments such as hotels, office buildings and shopping centre units and in construction law, litigation and arbitration. He has represented the developer of several residential developments. He has had extensive experience representing both owners and contractors in negotiating FIDIC and AIA construction and procurement contracts and advising on domestic as well as international procurement contracts.

He has reviewed and settled documentation for road construction contracts (based on FIDIC’s Red Book and IBRD’s procurement) for United Nations agencies for use in Asia and Africa. He has also had extensive experience in arbitration for dispute resolution (FIDIC contracts) under International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Rules before the Arbitral Tribunal. He has co-authored revisions to the construction contract for the Joint Construction Council of Jamaica Masterbuilders Association (2005). He acted as the Attorney at law for Caribbean Housing Finance Corporation Ltd on a 10,000 unit housing development in Jamaica utilizing San Jose Accord funding (1994). He is presently engaged in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) arising out of an impasse under a bespoke construction contract in Jamaica.

Mr. Parchment has had experience as a company director - he was a Director of British Caribbean Insurance Company Limited (1973-1976) (one of Jamaica’s major insurance companies) Director of Jamaica Citizens Bank Limited (1973-1977); he was a member (Chairman 1983-1984) Health Insurance Committee of the General Secretariat of the Organisation of American States; member of the negotiating team of the Secretariat of the United Nations World Food Programme that prepared the RFP and negotiated placement of health insurance for personnel throughout the Agency’s 84 offices worldwide (2004). He was Senior Attorney of the Organisation of the American States (1980-1985), Unit Chief Secretariat for Management, OAS (1985-1988) with oversight for insurance portfolio and maintenance of Headquarters’ buildings in Washington, D.C. Human resource specialist (OAS and Pan American Health Organization), advising elected organisational officials on privileges and immunities issues in international organisations.

In addition, in 1988 he was the co-recipient of the Inter-American Defense Board’s award for excellence in construction management (for construction of the Board’s Headquarters Annex in Washington D.C.). He was a tutor in insurance law at the Norman Manley Law School, Jamaica (1974-1975).

David Parchment was admitted to practice as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Judicature of Jamaica. He became an Attorney at law on the fusion of the profession of the barristers and solicitors in Jamaica. He is admitted to practice as an Attorney at law in Jamaica and as a Solicitor in England.

He was a partner at two of Jamaica’s leading Law Firm’s - Myers Fletcher and Gordon (1969-1976) (the largest law firm in the English-speaking Caribbean) and Rattray, Patterson, Rattray (1989-1994). He was a successful property developer in his own right in Jamaica (1994-1998). He was a full time consultant for the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), Washington, D.C. United States of America (1998-2002) and a full time consultant to the United Nations World Food Programme, Rome, Italy (2002 -2005).

David visits Trinidad and Tobago for conferences and otherwise communicates with the Attorneys-at-Law of this firm on a full time basis by e-mail and telephone exclusively on construction disputes and contracts.

David brings a wealth of experience in Construction Law, both non-contentious and contentious, banking and financing and commercial conveyancing.

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