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Developed the legal documentation for the establishment and development of the largest industrial park and the newest and second largest port in Trinidad and Tobago which is located at Point Lisas.

Negotiated and prepared documentation for the buy-out by a minority group of shareholders of the shares of a dissident minority, thereby giving the former group voting control of the company thus ending 20 years of family business disputes and averting a hostile takeover by other parties.

Advised one of the two shareholder groups in a battle for control of a privately owned manufacturing company and on its strategy for wrestling control from the other shareholder group and conducted related litigation.

Advised lenders on project financing and preparation of BOLT and BOOT documentation for major construction projects.

Advised on and prepared loan documentation for sovereign loans and state- guaranteed loans to key government utilities of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica.

Led a legal team responsible for the merger of three failed banks to form a new banking group which is now the third largest banking group in Trinidad and Tobago.

Advised on the legal mechanisms for and assisted in the work-out of failed and restructured banks.

Advised the Inter-American Development Bank on aspects of its pension fund, its extension to Trinidad and Tobago employees and its interplay with the retirement benefits of the National Insurance Scheme of Trinidad and Tobago.

Provided, in collaboration with international merchant banking and accounting firms, advice on the establishment of a national investment company this involved preparing legal documents and co-ordinating the legal work of several law firms involved in the project.

Negotiated and prepared documents for multi-year contract for the supply of alumina between a Jamaican supplier and a Venezuelan smelter company.

Advised on and prepared legal documentation for installation of a water desalination plant in the British Virgin Islands.

Advised on and prepared service station lease arrangements consistent with negotiated business arrangements for the employer and service station owners

Advised on certain aspects of auction of spectrum for the provision public mobile telecommunications.


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