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Developed and prepared major regulatory and legislative framework for the modernisation of the financial sector of Trinidad and Tobago. The partner who engaged in that exercise is acknowledged to have played the major technical legal role in the emergence of the legislation which is of fundamental importance to our financial sector.

Acted as project leader for multi-disciplinary teams in the delineation of policy objectives for legislation, reviewed draft legislation and assisted in the establishment and development of the following statutory entities:

  • Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation (Trinidad’s largest)
  • The Home Mortgage Bank (modelled on Fannie Mae)
  • Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission (of Trinidad and Tobago)
  • The Deposit Insurance Corporation (of Trinidad and Tobago)

Prepared the legislative framework for the establishment of the Deposit Insurance Corporation and deposit insurance scheme both in Trinidad and Tobago and in Barbados.

Prepared the legal aspects of a feasibility study, in a joint consultancy for the introduction of deposit insurance in Guyana.

Participated in the review of intellectual property laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

Participated in the drafting of the Telecommunications Bill 2001, the Funeral Homes Bill 1997, the Financial Institutions Act, 1993

Prepared the legislative framework to treat with the reorganisation of and vesting of a statutory financial institution in various private companies.

Prepared draft unit trust regulations for the first unit trust in Belize.

Participated in negotiations with the World Bank on this country’s financial sector loan programme and provided the legal input.

Provided advice to and negotiated on behalf of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago on telecommunications and regulatory issues.

Prepared the legal aspects of a feasibility study, in a joint consultancy, for the introduction of deposit insurance in Guyana.

Organised and conducted the first legal Central Banking seminar in the region.


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