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We regard knowledge management and the protection of intellectual property and other proprietary information as an essential part of our clients’ legal, industrial and commercial environment. Our approach to intellectual property and related matters draws from the firm’s strategic entrepreneurial history and deal-making mind set. 

Our Media, Entertainment, Technology and Telecommunications (METT) Department aims to be a ‘one-stop shop’ delivering intelligent , pragmatic and holistic solutions. It also works in conjunction with our sister company ( Making Mas Limited) which represents and manages clients in entertainment and the arts; sports individuals and organizations; producers of mas and carnival products; designers, writers and media personalities. 

We offer a hands-on personalized approach in :    

  • helping clients identify the appropriate forms of protection for their particular assets (whether copyright, trade secrets, trademarks , patents , licenses or a combination of these)
  • strategic planning and portfolio management (correlating business and IP strategy for effective financial gain; a systematic approach to risk management; and dealing with IP as a corporate asset)
  • conducting due diligence
  • trademark and patent filing
  • monitoring and defending IP against unauthorized use
  • protecting our clients’ trade and other confidential proprietary information ( including acts of unfair competition prosecution and strategy)
  • deal- making, deal-breaking and other forms of negotiation
  • technology innovation and enterprise development ( including technology licensing and transactions)
  • negotiating and drafting the whole range of arrangements aimed at establishing joint working and co-operation between parties (partnering and alliancing; franchising; licensing; collaboration; mergers and acquisitions; and joint ventures)
  • litigation risk assessment and the conduct of dispute resolution and litigation

Trinidad and Tobago has strengthened and modernized its Intellectual Property legislation. We participated in that exercise (which is on-going) and we were also involved in the revision of the Telecommunications legislation.

We serve a broad spectrum of clients, including a number of media houses, marketing and advertising companies. In technology we work for the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute; the Association of Independent Internet Service Providers; a full turn-key telecommunications infrastructure company; and several Information and Communication Technology companies. We also represent and advise clients in entertainment and the arts, including the National Carnival Bands Association; the Queen’s Hall ( the country’s premier performance and concert hall); and a number of actors , designers , artists , musicians, film makers and writers. 



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