1982 to 2022: 40 years of Dedicated Service

About Us


Welcome to Mair and Company.  The firm was founded in 1982.  Our partners share a vision of how best to help our clients succeed.  We believe the practice of law can be different. 

Alongside legal expertise in a wide range of practice areas, we also offer a depth of specialist knowledge in strategic industries and sectors.  We have a history of innovation from our inception, championing avant-garde areas of law and challenging out-dated legal practices.  Accessibility and diversity are key priorities.

Our philosophy is based on a set of core beliefs, the chief of which are that at all times, the client’s interests come first. We deploy legal services in a manner that provides maximum value for our clients. Mair and Company operates as a true partnership, with individuals who are dedicated to the firm, to each other, and to the community in which we live and work.

Our shared principles include:

We place our clients first and let client priorities – not firm priorities - take precedence.  We serve as trusted advisors to our clients and are dedicated to being partners with our clients, not merely sellers of services.  That means tailoring our scope of services and fee structure around our client’s needs, understanding their business, and looking for value-added opportunities.  It also means that our rates must reflect the local market.  We have gained the confidence of our clients not only by our performance but also by our commitment to personal integrity and the highest ethical standards. 

Our clients often have complex matters. We believe that they are best served through a full service business law firm model that responds to every aspect of their needs.

Our practice areas include, corporate/commercial and transactional work including family business matters, venture capital, business incubation for entrepreneurs, banking and finance, capital markets, securities, pensions, trusts, unit trusts and mutual funds, credit unions and co-operatives, energy and natural resources, dispute resolution including mediation, civil litigation and arbitration, real estate, probate and administration, intellectual property, legislative and regulatory matters, industrial relations, employment and employee benefit matters, franchise agreements, procurement and construction law, media, entertainment, technology and telecommunications and defamation. We can even offer cutting edge public international environmental law experience, with a focus on climate change and UN negotiations. 

We are not a boutique practice.  We provide highly sophisticated, partner-level service, recognizing that our clients have other alternatives for their legal needs.

We are dedicated to creating a healthy, cohesive work environment among our attorneys.  That means recognizing and rewarding a variety of contributions to the firm, treating attorneys in an equitable and respectful manner, and providing meaningful involvement in decision-making.  We understand that attorneys and staff have a variety of lifestyle and family needs.  It is a high priority for us to focus on having a true law partnership because, among other things, this leads to higher productivity, a higher quality of work product, and better client service. 
Our partners and consultants are experienced, senior level partners who are imbued with the desire to provide exceptional service and value for our clients in Trinidad and Tobago and beyond.  As senior attorneys with a wealth of experience, we know how to analyse and solve clients’ legal problems in a practical, real world manner.  We focus on achieving results that justify the cost of sophisticated legal services.

Our Partners, Consultants and Associates are committed to constantly upgrading their legal skills by attending seminars, by keeping abreast of developments in the law as a personal quest.  Where their busy practices permit they write legal papers and conduct seminars.   

We have implemented a sustained program of training of our associate attorneys in all aspects of the practice of law so that they may internalize best practices and rise to the partner-level as soon as is reasonably practicable.  Our associate attorneys work under the close supervision of partners.  We are committed to training the next generation of highly-skilled lawyers in the best traditions of the law.   

We continuously train our staff in the use of technology, in paralegal skills, in inter-personal courtesy and reliability and in using a sophisticated approach to the discharge of their functions and responsibilities. 

We are fortunate in having a small group of highly-skilled attorneys, several of them leaders in their legal specialities, who are available for assignment on a project-by-project basis.  Their involvement may be as short as a consultation to months’ long involvement without being part of our permanent establishment.  They too are bound by the same client confidentiality obligations in all respects.  These arrangements enable the firm to have great nimbleness and flexibility and to provide clients with a greater range of available legal skills. 

We are a single cohesive law firm, and not a collection of silos operating under one banner.  We deliberately foster an ethos of collaboration, informal consultation and intellectual interaction among our attorneys.  We know that although the times require increasing specialisation by individual lawyers, legal problems can oftenspread across several legal specialties. Our attorneys regularly collaborate across their specialist practice areas in order better to serve the needs of our clients. 

We value engagement in our community and pro bono work for those less fortunate.  We recognize the legal profession has a unique role to play in serving the public, just as our clients make important contributions to the community.  Collectively, these and similar contributions make Trinidad and Tobago a leader in the Caribbean region and sustain the businesses which operate here.  We do not view community engagement as a separate activity but as central to the practice of law.

For over ten years now we have provided bursaries to students matriculating at the University of the West Indies. For  twenty years now one of our partners has been a member of the UWI Development and Endowment Fund which assists the University of the West Indies by providing funding for scholarships, research, endowment of Chairs, lectureship and funding of capital projects. Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, is Patron of the Fund. We also do pro bono work for several charitable organizations. Over the years, our partners have served without pay on government-appointed committees and task forces in a wide variety of areas. For over ten years one of our partners was a tutor at the Hugh Wooding Law School on Civil Procedure. 

When the need arises and for large projects, our firm enters alliances with other attorneys, local or foreign. We have links with legal firms in England, the USA and Canada. We have worked on projects with international organisations, foreign law firms and consultants. In the English-speaking Caribbean we have close and long-standing relationships with leading law firms in Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua, Anguilla, St. Lucia, Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas which enable us to provide a seamless pan-Caribbean service.

A Model for the Twenty-First Century

We believe that the practice of law has fundamentally changed and that a law firm organized on modern lines is necessary to best serve clients today and in the future. We deploy the latest technologies in order to enhance efficiency and responsiveness. We are fully engaged in building a premier business law firm in today’s world which requires a different approach, demands a new model, using modern technology and maximizing efficiencies and reordering the work environment to enhance productivity and client service. Most importantly, our model puts clients first by delivering affordable, sophisticated services that produce results to the clients’ bottom line. Our client relationships are based on mutual trust and respect and our ultimate goal is client satisfaction.

We look forward to partnering with you.