1982 to 2022: 40 years of Dedicated Service
Dispute Resolution


Corporate and Commercial Law

Advised and prepared legal documentation to effect the restructuring of a merchant bank with significant loan losses following the events of 2008, which involved the creation of a “bad” bank and transferring loan assets to it, and the process of realization of security to collect outstanding loans. 

Advised lenders on project financing and  prepared BOLT and BOOT documentation for major construction projects.

Advised banking institutions on and prepared loan documentation for sovereign loans and state-guaranteed loans to key government utilities of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica.

Acted on behalf of an international helicopter company in negotiation and document preparation for the procurement of helicopters by the Trinidad and Tobago Government for the Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard together with related contracts for logistical support and training.

Acted as Trinidad and Tobago Counsel for a Middle-East based aircraft leasing company in the leasing of a 737 jet to the local carrier. 

Acted on behalf of a French manufacturer of regional aircraft in its sale of 9 new aircraft to the  local carrier. 

Acted for a French corporation in its purchase of the assets of a local corporation as part of a larger pan-Caribbean asset purchase (in conjunction with US-based Attorneys and Attorneys in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic).

Developed and prepared the legal documentation for the establishment and development of the largest industrial park (2,500 acres) and the newest and second largest port in Trinidad and Tobago which are located at Point Lisas.

Negotiated and prepared documentation for the buy-out by a minority group of shareholders of the shares of a dissident minority, thereby giving the former group voting control of the company thus ending 40 years of  intra-family corporate disputes and averting a hostile takeover by other parties.                                             

Acted in two separate transactions as adviser on Trinidad and Tobago law to the external lenders to Trinidad and Tobago in the restructuring of Trinidad and Tobago external debt under Paris Club rules.                            

Advised on the legal mechanisms for and assisted in the work-out of failed and restructured banks. 

Advised a multi-lateral international development bank on aspects of its pension fund, its extension to Trinidad and Tobago employees and its interplay with the retirement benefits of the National Insurance Scheme of Trinidad and Tobago.

Provided, in collaboration with international merchant banking and accounting firms, advice and document preparation for the establishment of a national investment company (“NIC”), a closed end investment fund.  This involved preparing legal documents and co-ordinating the legal work of several law firms involved in the project.

Advised on and prepared service station lease arrangements consistent with negotiated business arrangements for the employer and service station owners. 

Advised the telecommunications regulator on aspects of auction of spectrum for the provision public mobile telecommunications. 

Acted on behalf of several Trinidad and Tobago based life and general insurance companies in insurance advisory and financial law issues. 

Advised a corporate trustee on the winding-up of a pension fund and related pension fund surplus.